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Welcome to SALUD!

We are Malaysia’s #1 Healthcare Job Site fully dedicated to the healthcare industry, being a part of the new generation of Job Sites worldwide.

Our jobs cover niche Healthcare Vacancies - connecting the you to the right employers. Use SALUD to create your CV, search for specific jobs, survey market salary ranges and most importantly, gain access to a growing network of local and international Healthcare Employers.


In just 3 easy  steps, find your dream Healthcare job!


We’ve made Talent Recruitment more convenient and time efficient for you.

Are you a Doctor? A Nurse? A Pharmacist? A Medical Sales Rep?

If you’re interested in a Healthcare Job – We’re here to you grow your CAREER!

Our Story

We are a newly formed Startup founded in 2015. 

SALUD is part ofthe Melorita Healthcare Group, Malaysia’s #1 Healthcare Talent Provider since 1977.

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